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About Our School

*Our Program Statement outlines how we teach students and the materials used in the classroom

Our Philosophy


Unique characteristics of the Montessori environment that contribute to it's positive atmosphere for constructive child development include the following:


  • An unusual respect for children as competent individuals who can be trusted to act in the best interest for the community in which they are a part.

  • A small number of well-defined ground rules for acceptable behavior understood by all.

  • A belief that children construct their own knowledge through exploration and discovery assisted by the introduction of efficient experiences planned by the teacher.


In accordance with Montessori’s ammunition to “follow the child”, the primary indicator of all learning activities is the child’s direct intervention. The teacher is limited and acts as the facilitator rather than the dictator.


Appealing activities for children at various level of difficulty that match the children’s developmental need that includes aesthetic attraction, and sensorial and cultural value.


The use of individual materials permits a varied pace that accommodates many levels of abilities in the classroom. The children can grow as their interest leads them from one level to another.


Children work in groups composed of individuals of various ages, abilities, cultures and interests in a non-competitive environment.


Montessori classrooms permit the younger children to learn from the older ones. Vice versa, the older children have the opportunity to reinforce their knowledge and understanding by helping the younger children.


As Maria Montessori stated, “There is a communication and harmony between children that one seldom finds between the adult and the small child.”


Attention is constantly focused on education standards and provisions.

Ungraded Classroom
Daily Nutrition


Our school provides our students with nutritious snacks; served twice daily that consist of crackers, raw vegetables, fruit or some similar nutritional food items. 

Dietary and allergy considerations are respected as indicated by parents in their child's registration form.


Snacks and lunches are provided and the cost is included in the monthly tuition.

Classrooms & Facilities
3 Classrooms
Private Outdoor Playground
Kitchen with Hand-washing station
Multiple Washrooms
Cubbies & Coat Hooks


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